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Our cooperation


24-25 May 2012 in St. Petersburg at the International Institute of Business and Law, the first training seminar to launch the Network Support Center for Technology and Innovation was held in Russia, organized by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property in conjunction with the World Health intellectual property.

Participants in the workshop presented their presentations on major activities of support centers of technology, and innovation strategies, and further development of such centers in Russia. The workshop program also included training for work with information retrieval systems, provided by the technology and innovation support under the Agreements on the establishment of the Support Center for Technology and Innovation, concluded between the Federal Institute of Industrial Property and business entities.

The free seminar was attended by representatives of businesses that provide services to support the activities of the Center for Technology and Innovation.

Department of research and monitoring of the result of intellectual activity’s application

IMBIP ITMO is a supporting organization of ROSPATENT in St. Petersburg

The main functions of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks are:

IMBIP as a supporting organization of Rospatent and Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC level 1) provides:

TISC Services

Basic package (without payment of services provided):

Package "Development" (paid service):  

Expert council on intellectual property at IMBIP, supporting organization of Rospatent

Stanislav Alexandrov – Member of the Regional Public Organization "St. Petersburg College of Patent Attorneys"

Elena Bogdanova – Director of IMBIP NRU ITMO

Igor Leonov – Director of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, St. Petersburg State University

Sergey Murashev – Director General of the Center of Research and Intellectual Property "AKVAPATENT"

Natalia Petrova – General Director of NEVA-PATENT

Turenko Vyacheslav – President of the Regional Public Organization "St. Petersburg College of Patent Attorneys"

Irina Chernova – Head of Bureau of patent and technical information of Engineering Center "Admiralty Shipyards"; patent attorney.