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Days of Intellectual Property

Days of Intellectual Property 2013

On April 22-26 2013, Days of intellectual property passed for the fifth time  in St. Petersburg. Doors for this intellectual feast are open for all citizens who want to learn about the field of intellectual property, to present their ideas and establish business contacts. The purpose of the festival is the formation of legal culture and knowledge in the field of intellectual property.

"Days of Intellectual Property" consists of business, competitive and on-line programs.

Business program consists of various events, including an international conference, youth events, seminars, round tables.

Competition includes awarding ceremony of two contests: the children's contest "School patent - step into the future", and "For contribution to the development of intellectual property".

In the on-line program, there is a three-day live coverage of the Moscow forum "Innovation potential of Russia ", organized by Rospatent and supported by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

All activities are supported by the Government of St. Petersburg.

Traditionally, the number of participants is quite big: managers and specialists of enterprises, inventors, artists, experts in the field of intellectual property, innovative youth. Events are held at various venues in the city.

In 2013, Days of Intellectual Property mark their first anniversary.

April 23 is traditionally celebrated as World Day of Books and Copyright. In the House of Scientists of M. Gorky, debriefing and awarding ceremony is held for the winners of the third international competition «School patent - step into the future!».

For several months, students of 3-11 grades from different cities and countries sent their drawings, writings, inventions and presentations. In their works they fantasized on such a difficult topic as "Intellectual Property and future of the world", imagined what school will be like in XXX century, invented toys, bookmarks, useful things for the home and parents, tried to find ways to help people with limited ability. Best works were awarded at the ceremony.

The three days of live broadcasts from Moscow Forum «Innovation potential of Russia» were held on April 24-26 on two Internet sites: the site of the Institute of International Business and Law and the site of ITMO, the program includes plenary sessions.

During the forum and the plenary session (April 24), breakout sessions "Activities Support Center for Technology and Innovation " (April 24-25), "Issues of control rights of the state of intellectual property" (April 25), "Modern approaches to commercialization results of scientific and technical activities " (April 26) held tele-conferences " Days of intellectual property "in St. Petersburg with Rospatent in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

During the week, there was a series of seminars. April 22 held a seminar on "Improvement of the legislation in the field of intellectual property," April 25 a seminar "Myths about patents".

The celebration ended on April 26, the International Intellectual Property Day, with a series of events. During the international conference «Modernization of the economy and development of innovative industries as a growth factor for economic, scientific- technical and personnel potential of Russia», made ​​by the heads of state authorities, representatives of the business community, professional associations and international organizations.

During the awarding ceremony of the city, contest "For contribution to the development of intellectual property and innovation" was noticed by enterprises, media, teachers who have made a significant contribution to the development of intellectual property in St. Petersburg.

On the award ceremony, summary of international youth rating "Golden thousand" of the youth forum "The Future of the World" took place.

"Days of intellectual property" was first held in St. Petersburg in April 2009 by the Institute of International Law and Business ITMO and support organization in North-West Rospatent as an event for professionals . Currently, the "Days of intellectual property" are supported by the Government of St. Petersburg , designed for a wide range of participants and included in the program of St. Petersburg for 2012-2015 "Science. Industry. Innovation.".