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Mission of the Institute

Training of specialists and managers with unique professional skills necessary for significant improvement in their lives and their businesses.

Purpose of the Institute

Creating an innovative model of world-class educational structure to prepare unique specialists and top-managers who aspire to transform Russia into one of the global leaders in the world economy and its output to the level of socio-economic development of the highly industrialized countries.

History of the Institute

Institute of International Business and Law (IMBIP) was established in 2003; and since 2007 has become a part of the ITMO University. In the beginning, the Institute led a program of training and retraining of managers and specialists of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, conducted training of large Russian and foreign companies on foreign trade and customs administration. Shortly after the launching, the Institute, in addition to the programs related to foreign trade, opened programs in economics, management, innovation, and intellectual property. Since 2008, the Institute is an organization supporting the Federal Service for Intellectual Property Russian Patent Office (Rospatent) and leads the project activities in the field of innovation and intellectual property.


The Institute’s politics is quality education, life, and work skills.

Key results

Improving and updating knowledge and skills in the context of learning is achieved by Four fundamental resources of IMBIP:

Training is conducted with the use of flexible training options, including distance learning and open education sources.

High quality education is confirmed by:

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Alumni IMBIP:

Employees of the Federal Customs Service of Russia , managers and employees of companies of "MegaFon", Northwest Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee on Transport of the Russian Federation, "Severnie Vorota", Cargo Customs Terminal Pulkovo, "Link",  "Transgate", "Haklin ICU", "Air Gates of Northern Capital ", Customs terminal Elite-Trans, "Gidroimpuls", Brewing Company "Baltika", "Central Customs Terminal", "Glonass", "Harpoon", "Neva shipping company", "Electropribor "Company", "Volvo Vostok", " Surgutex" and others.