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Technology and Innovation Support Center

Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) was established in the Russian Federation in 2012, it is one of the first TISC in Russia. Currently, it is a core level 1 TISC in Russia.

TISC is a team of like-minded people who actively develop scientific, innovative and educational activities in the field of intellectual property as well as in the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation.

Staff has considerable experience of innovation, research, analytical and commercial activities in various aspects of support and promotion of technology, innovation, and investment.

IP Services

Basic TISC services (available for free):

 Paid services:

 Price, rubles

 Information and Consulting Services:

  Determination of Сlassification of  IPC, ICGS, or IPCI Index on a Particular Subject


 Patent Search (identification of existing intellectual property, determination of its current legal status, report with the expert opinion and recommendations on the future use) 3-5 days

  • including the registration statement in accordance with 'ГОСТ Р 15.011-96' (up to 10 days)

 3 000





 25 000


 Patent and Information Support (preparation of documents for filing, application record keeping, correspondence with the registering agency) – for the following types of objects:


  • Inventions and Utility Models

 25 000

  • Industrial Designs

 15 000

  • Trademarks, Service Marks, Appellations of Origin

 15 000

  • Computer Programs, Databases, Integrated Circuits

 10 000

  • Selection Achievements

 20 000

 Consulting and Information Support on the Registration of License Agreements  and Contracts for the Alienation of the Exclusive Rights (preparation and  registration of contracts for disposal of intellectual property rights)

 5 000

 Consultation on Patent Legal Support Contracts to Perform R&D and Transfer of  Technology

 5 00

 Consulting and Information Services for Commercialization:


  • conducting market  and patent research, 10-15 days


  • development of business plans, programs, and strategies of enterprises in the field of intellectual property, 10-15 days


  • information and methodological support for the promotion of innovation in the development institutes ('RUSNANO' Fund of Infrastructure and Educational Programs, RVC, 'Skolkovo' Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, and others.), 10-15 days


  Consulting and Information Services on the Assessment of Intangible Assets and  Intellectual Property – up to 10 days

 20 000


 Educational services:

 Further Learning of Specialists on Intellectual Property (organization of courses, practical workshops, master classes)



 Printing services:

 Preparation and Formatting of Electronic Documents to Be Sent Using the  Electronic Signature

 from 250

 Black and white photocopying (one A4 page)


 Operational Printing of Documents with Electronic Digital Media (one A4 page)


 Typing (one A4 page)


 Typing with Formulas, Tables, Charts (one A4 page)


 Scanning Documents into an Electronic Digital Media (one document)




To make efficient use of the intellectual potential of enterprises and organizations of the region, TISC interacts with the Expert Council of St Petersburg on intellectual property issues, and participates in the creation and coordination of the TISC network on 2nd level in the federal district to ensure better access to advice and information on the legal protection of intellectual property for citizens.

One of the main TISC projects is the organization and carrying out of Days of Intellectual Property in St Petersburg – the annual festival dedicated to International Intellectual Property Day (April 26).

Integral part of the celebration of the Days of intellectual property in St Petersburg is an annual competition ‘For Contribution to the Development of Intellectual Property,’ which is supported by ROSPATENT, the Government and the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg, for the departments of enterprises and professionals on Intellectual Property.


For Russian and foreign students, TISC organizes and conducts the International Competition ‘School Patent’ its objectives are:


Cooperation with WIPO and ROSPATENT

An important aspect of TISC is international cooperation.

Organization of interaction between representatives of Russian and foreign TISCs, the exchange of experience in implementing innovative TISC programs. Thus, TISC initiated a cluster for ‘TISCs: National Experience and Prospects’ in the framework of the 24th Economic Forum in Poland (Krynica Zdroj, 2-4 September 2014), to discuss the role of TISC in the sustainable economic development of regions and exchange of experience of these centers’ major activities.

Based on the Development Centre of Institute of Intellectual Property, Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC) is the supporting organization of Rospatent in St Petersburg. TISC in cooperation with Rospatent and WIPO organizes Summer School on Intellectual Property, the annual TISC congress in the Russian Federation, and an annual festival Days of Intellectual Property.