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Future of the World

Future of the World

According to the decision of the organizing committee in 2013, summary of the Forum will be held in absentia and within the "Days of intellectual property in St. Petersburg" festival on April 24 - 26. "Days of intellectual property" is the main event of the year in the field of intellectual property (details online). The week is large-scale themed events at various venues in the city. The event traditionally gathers the best international experts, representatives of scientific and business communities, heads of industrial enterprises, and innovative youth.

Winners in the "World’s Golden Thousand" nomination can participate in all activities of the conference. Interesting meetings and intense program are guaranteed on the eve of May Day and St. Petersburg's famous White Nights. 

Young people from 15 to 30 years from different cities and countries are invited to participate and to present their innovative projects.

Catalog of projects of the I Forum and Ratings "World’s Golden Thousand" from 2011  http://www.futureoftheworld.ru/file/stat/36/katalog.pdf

Contact information: +7 (812) 371 84 82, +7 (921) 567 81 04, info@fow.su