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School Patent - Step into the Future!

School Patent - Step into the Future!

Dear friends!

We offer you to take part in School Patent, the annual international creative contest!

Just think, for sure, each of you is talented in some way, no matter what it is – the ability to draw, write poetry or short stories, craft and make applications; or maybe, you have always wanted to be an inventor, and you have creative ideas for it!

Then be sure to take part in the competition! We can help make your dreams come true; what we need in return is your motivation and a good mood!

What is a patent? Simple! The patent is the same as birth certificate or passport which every one of you has. And this document confirms your uniqueness, tells other people who you are.

A patent is a document that will protect your invention.

If you are an artist or just love to draw, then you can take part in the nomination Best Picture on a Given Topic and select one of the following topics:


If you write, then you can definitely participate in Best Essay on a Given Topic



And if you are a young inventor and can never sit still, then the nomination Invention is for you!


What if you cannot draw, write poetry or invent, but you love your school? Tell us about it in the nomination Best School Presentation and choose the right topic for you:


See, there a topic for everyone! You just need to decide what you are interested in!

Ask your teachers for the details of participation!

We are looking forward to seeing your work! Make the world brighter and more interesting!

Winners will be selected and awarded by the expert jury! 

Yours faithfully,

The Organizing Committee of the Contest


Application period starts October 1, 2015.

Applications for participation in the Contest should be sent to school.patent@gmail.com


Address of the contest:

196135, St Petersburg, Gastello str 12

Tel.: (812) 371-84-82

Fax: (812) 371 81-12 

E-mail: school.patent@gmail.com