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WIPO Summer School

About WIPO Russia Summer Shool

The World Intellectual Property Organization Academy (WIPO Academy) continues training of students in WIPO Russia Summer School. The Schools is organized by the WIPO, together with the Federal Service on Intellectual Property, Patents, and Trademarks (ROSPATENT) and the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (RGAIS) held at of the Institute of International Business and Law of ITMO University.

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Mission of the Summer School

The Summer School offers a unique educational program on all aspects of intellectual property (IP) The program consists of lectures and includes case studies and group discussions on specific topics on intellectual property.

The lecturers of the School are leading experts in the filed of intellectual property. They are WIPO officials, professors from RGAIS (the only state institute of higher education in Russia which prepares specialists in the field of development, management, legal protection, and commercial use of intellectual property objects), as well as practitioners.  

The Summer School provides an opportunity to broaden students knowledge in the field of intellectual property, including understanding of intellectual property as a tool of economic, social, cultural, and technological development and role does the WIPO play in a global administration of intellectual property.

Programs of all Summer Schools use common study curricula, format and duration. Students are introduced to different aspects of intellectual property rights, including international approach to protection of intellectual property and relations between the intellectual property and other disciplines.  

Each year the WIPO Summer School program in St Petersburg is led and attended by different WIPO officials:

With the detailed information about the activities of WIPO Summer Schools you can get acqainted here

Managers of the Summer Schools:

Gleb Sharag (organizational questions on realization of the project in St Petersburg)

Phone: +7 (906) 269-82-79

E-mail: gleb-online92@yandex.ru


Current information


E-mail us imbip@mail.ru or call us +7 (906) 269-82-79

Directorate of Schools:


Rector of RGAIS – Ivan Bliznets.

Phone: +7 (495) 330-10-83, E-mail: inst@rgiis.ru

St. Petersburg:

Director of the Institute of International Business and Law ITMO University – Elena Bogdanova

Tel: +7 (921) 957-53-53 , +7 (812) 371-84-82 

Fax.  +7 (812 ) 371-81-12

E-mail: imbip@mail.ru


Administrator of the Summer School – Evgenuiy Starikov (for information about implementation of the project)

E-mail: summerschool.russia@rgiis.ru

Project Coordinator – Gleb Sharag ( mob. +7 (906) 269-82-79)

(arrangements for the implementation of the project in St. Petersburg)

Tel. +7 (812) 371-84-82 , fax. +7 (812) 371-81-12; E-mail: imbip@mail.ru

Participants of WIPO Summer School are young professionals in various fields, as well as undergraduates and graduate students.

Language of instruction is Russian

Requirements to participate:

To register, you need to send an e-mail to summerschool.russia@rgiis.ru or imbip@mail.ru, application and motivation letter (both documents should be in Russian). Application is a summary of the candidate to participate in the Summer School in the form of a conventional resume (in case of a job). In a letter to the motivation you need a letter in concise form to indicate why you want to participate in the Summer School, which results from the participation in it you expect. Application and motivation letter should be sent as soon as possible, in response, you will be sent an email with instructions for further action. You must also pass a mandatory pre-registratio on the WIPO website.

Attention! Group seats are limited. There are only of 70 seats.

The cost of the Summer School is:

Students: $250

Young Professionals: $350

Participants are responsible for paying their own travel to St. Petersburg and back, the cost of living and other expenses during the program. Nonresident participants are assisted in finding and booking hotels.

 On payment of candidates who are not citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as other issues of payment, please contact the project coordinator WIPO Summer School in St. Petersburg, tel. +7 (812) 371-84-82, fax. +7 (812) 371-81-12; Gastello 12, of. 406, St. Petersburg

The administrator of the Summer School, when he or she receives an e-mail request for participation, answers with the letter of notification about the possible participation of the candidate. A week after the date of registration, everyone will receive an email asking the participants if they are still willing to participate in the Summer School, as well as details for payment for the School (participant in response to the Administrator should send a scanned copy of payment with the bank payment!)

Officially, your participation in the Summer School will be confirmed by the manager only after the payment.

An indicative list of recommended hotels for accommodation and hotels in St. Petersburg at the time of WIPO Summer School:

  1. Hotel Group RA
  2. Lokeshn Hostel
  3. Apricot Hotel
  4. Azimut

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