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 Science > Section of Intellectual Property and Innovation

Section of Intellectual Property and Innovation

Section of Intellectual Property and Innovation

On 27th of November 2013, section of intellectual property and innovation held a seminar on "Actual problems of protecting the results of intellectual property in the field of creating dual-use goods by  Samohvalov D.V., student of master's program "Innovation".

For the specialists in the field of intellectual property, researchers, teachers and graduate students of higher educational institutions!

We invite you to join our scientific section «Intellectual Property and Innovation» in the House of Scientists of M. Gorky.

To join the membership section, you must first apply for membership in the section by phone +7 (812) 371 81 16, after which the following documents are required:

  • A copy of diploma
  • A copy of  degree diploma or PhD candidate
  • Copy of Associate Professor certificate /Professor
  • Two 3x4 photos
  • List of scientific papers published in the last three years

Applications for membership in the section by phone +7 (812) 371 81 16, imbip@mail.ru

To learn more about the activities of the House of Scientists go to the official website.


Sessions planned for Spring 2014


  26.03.2014 at 17.00

 Small hall of the House of  Scientists

  Intellectual Property and   Innovation

 Evgeniy Perekislov with «State  Regulation of Intellectual Property»

  23.04.2014 в 10.00 – 13.00

  Building of ITMO University

  Kronverskiy pr., 49

 I Russian national youth  conference “Development,  management and protection of  intellectual property – modern  problems and solutions”»


 Anna Vinogradova - Deputy Director of  the Science Department 

  23.04.2014 в 14.00 – 16.00

  Building of ITMO University

  Kronverskiy pr., 49

Ceremony of rewarding the winners of the fourth international competition "School patent-step into the future"


 Svetlana Murashova - Director of  the  international competition School Patent

 Alexey Kamenskiy - Director of the  Lyceum  590

  21.05.2014 в 15.00

 IMBIP ITMO University

 Gastello str., 12

  Guest session

 Summarizing the academic 2013-2014  year and goals for 2014-2015