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School of customs declarant

School of Customs Declarant certified by the WCO

Introductory Course for specialists in Customs Operations

Specialist courses in customs operations (customs declarants) are created specifically for the employees of the companies – participants of foreign trade, as well as for individuals who want to change their profession or improve their knowledge of customs. The new rules of the new Customs Code of the Customs Union, the new requirements for competent specialists in commercial cargo clearance led to a sharp increase in demand for this knowledge. A Course in customs management is one of the ways to improve company's efficiency on the international market. How to sign a contract. How to do logistics. How to estimate the cost of shipping and transportation. How to arrange goods at customs. How not to break the rules or what to do if they violated. How to protect your interests in court.

The course is designed for preparing professionals in customs operations:

Type of studying: evening studies (19.00-22.00)

20 lessons (4 weeks), 82 academic hours


Starting dates: September 21, 2015

Pre-registration by phone is available via the following phone numbers +7 (812) 372-94-77 and +7 (812) 371-81-16.

Coordinator: Maria Nenilina

The schedule of the qualifying examination for professional qualification certificates in customs clearance 2015 at SZTU:















26.05.15 —28.05.15
















EDUCATION PROGRAM (initial preparation):

  1. Fundamentals of the state regulation of foreign trade activity in the Russian Federation. Basic information on the movement of goods across the customs border of the Customs Union.
  2. The system of customs bodies of the Russian Federation. Legal basis of customs in the Russian Federation. Key terms used in the field of customs.
  3. Work in the field of customs.
  4. Information in the field of customs. Appeals against decisions, actions (inaction) of customs bodies and their officials.
  5. External trade deal.
  6. Country of origin of goods.
  7. Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity.
  8. The customs value of goods. The order of application of the customs value of goods.
  9. Customs duties, taxes, fees .
  10. Customs fees.
  11. State regulation of foreign trade activity. The use of single -tariff regulation measures.
  12. Compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions on the movement of goods across the customs border.
  13. Intellectual property in customs.
  14. Customs operations preceding the submission of the customs declaration. Customs declaration of goods. Release of the goods. Features of customs operations in respect of goods transported by different modes of transport.
  15. Customs procedures.
  16. Customs control.
  17. Currency regulation and currency control.
  18. Features of customs operations in respect of certain categories of goods.
  19. Administrative violations in the field of customs (customs violation).
  20. 4 Lectures – Workshop. Electronic declaration. Filling the CCD through the "declarant" and TCS.