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Training is conducted in two directions on budgetary and contractual basis:
080005 "Economics and Management of National Economy" (Innovation Management)
Candidate thesis are viewed by the dissertation council D2012.227.07 at the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics" (ITMO).
120001 "Theory and History of Law and State, the history of the doctrine of law and the state"
120002 "Constitutional Law, Municipal Law"
120003 "Civil law, Business Law, Family Law, Private International Law"
120014 " Administrative Law, Administrative Process"

Entrance examination and admission to postgraduate school

University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics offers 21 postgraduate programs.

Application period open from June 1 to July 11.

Entrance exams are conducted from July 13 to July 30, 2015.

Russian citizens applying to postgraduate school are required to have bachelor, specialist or master’s degree.

International students can apply to postgraduate school at IMBIP via country or university partnership (no tuition), or with requirement to pay tuition fees.

Persons without Russian citizenship, who permanently live in Russia, can apply under the same rules as Russian citizens.

Postgraduate studies are carried out on a full-time (with or without tuition fees). The duration of the postgraduate studies should not exceed three years (except for specialties in which postgraduate program is four years).

Dormitories for international students and students from other cities are available (family not included).

Exams required for admission to postgraduate studies in Russian Federation:

  • major discipline
  • philosophy
  • foreign language (English, German, French)

Retake of entrance exams is not allowed. The results of the exams are legible for a year after taking.

Citizens with disabilities take entrance examinations in the manner prescribed by the Admission Committee of the ITMO University taking into account peculiarities of their psychophysical development, individual empowerment and health status (hereinafter – the individual characteristics) of such applicants.

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