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Master degree

 1. 38.04.01 Economics (Master's program 080100.68. Foreign trade activities)

Master of Economics includes analysis, planning, management of foreign economic activity to work in federal, regional and municipal structures, commercial firms and organizations of various types, connected with commercial activity. Graduates from this program receive a broad outlook and professional skills for the organization of international business.

Master of Economics includes:

During the study, students will be guided through developing practical skills and skills in professional management, and organizational, economic, foreign trade; and law enforcement. Master graduates can solve problems of customs clearance implementation and customs control, implementation of exchange controls; organization and implementation of combating customs violations, conducting customs investigations, conducting operational and investigative activities within; and implementation of international legal agreements on customs affairs.

Graduates of the faculty engage in professional activities in the customs authorities and organizations of near-customs sphere (brokerage firms, temporary warehouses, logistics centers, transport companies), in the federal and regional government bodies associated with foreign economic activity, and large companies (customs clearance department, marketing department, logistics, etc.).

2. 27.04.05 "Innovation" (New master's program "Organization and management of innovation and innovative entrepreneurship")

Led by the Department of Intellectual Property and Innovation Management.

The program prepares students for work in engineering and technology, project management, and innovational development of areas, enterprises and organizations.

The following subjects are taught: Marketing Research in Innovation’s Market, Legal Protection of Intellectual Property, Analyzing Investment (advanced), Risk Management, and Technology Transfer. Classes are taught by the leading experts from Moscow, St Petersburg, and Geneva.


3. 27.04.08 Intellectual Property Management (Since 2016! The unique master program “Organization and Management of Intellectual Property Turnover”)

Led by the Department of Intellectual Property and Innovation Management of IMBIP.

The program is for middle and low-level R&D management and innovation in high-tech companies. It is implemented as an interdisciplinary program with a combination of engineering and management.

A distinctive feature of the program is related to the preparation of professional new leaders for R&D who have competence in the field of creation and development of new products and technologies, as well as in the field of market analysis, production, and promotion of new products. The key competence of graduates is their ‘vision’ of the innovation process as a whole, understanding the needs of consumers, economic laws and characteristics of production technologies, and principles of management of the development process.

One of the key positions in the educational process are case analysis, accumulating experience in organizing and managing the processes of R&D and innovation activities in Russian and foreign innovation companies.

Features and advantages of the program are direct contact with Russian and foreign high-tech enterprises that integrate the best practices of conducting innovative business. Most teachers in the program are professional R&D management with unique competences in the field of science, engineering, and technology, as well as in management, marketing, and finance. They are perfectly ready to share their unique experience with the students.

Classes are taught by the leading practitioners of St. Petersburg and Moscow. 

The master course includes:

The program includes a course in the International Summer School of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO-Russia) with obtaining a WIPO Certificate at the end of the Summer School.

Graduates engaged in professional activities in the government and administration on the federal, regional, and municipal levels; enterprises and organizations of the innovation sphere; organizations belonging to the infrastructure of innovation.

Since the beginning of postgraduate education, students conduct research on the topic of their master's thesis under the guidance of the supervisor, so by the end of their studies they can undertake a doctoral dissertation.

Tuition fee for the courses in 2015:

Since the beginning of their education, undergraduates, under the guidance of supervisors, conduct research work on their master's thesis so by the time their education is completed, students have not only the ability to enroll in graduate school but also a basis for further work on a doctoral thesis.

All lectures and seminars are in Russian.

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