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Specialty 036401 «Customs»

Specialization – 'Customs specialist'

Customs specialist who graduates from the Institute of International Business and Law (IMBIP), will be the only one in Russia, who has World Customs Organization certificate (WCO), confirming his education by WCO standards.

IMBIP Specialist is offered a job or is independently employed in:

  1. The customs authorities and organizations in near-customs field (brokerage firms, temporary warehouses, logistics centers, transport companies)
  2. In the federal and regional government bodies, and in international economics related activities
  3. Large companies (department of customs clearance, foreign economic relations, marketing department, logistics, etc.)

Unlike people of other profession in the field of foreign trade, our students will have all essential knowledge and skills, and will be prepared for professional, organizational, managerial, economic activity; trade and law enforcement.

He or she will be involved in the implementation of customs clearance, customs control, and exchange controls; the organization and implementation of combat customs offenses, conducting customs investigations, the implementation of international legal agreements in the field of customs.

Customs specialists have a wide range of interests and skills for the organization of international business. Their portfolio of competencies includes: traditional and innovative technology accounting presence and movement of goods and vehicles via Russian Communications, global tele-contracting and monitoring traffic, customs of economics and near-customs activity, modern management techniques, tactics and techniques of crime investigation and deal with violations customs rules, civil and criminal substantive and procedural laws, rules and practices of state and official secrets.

International Cooperation

The Institute of International Business and Law of ITMO University is a member of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU).


One of the IMBIP traditions is creating a connection between educational process and the real market represented by its active members, many of whom are IMBIP graduates. It allows us to organize project activities fpr students. Students who are doing their Master degrees at IMBIP are particularly in close connection with the real business.

Our experience shows that IMBIP graduates receive additional benefits for employment and career growth, both in Russian and in foreign companies.

As part of this collaboration IMBIP undergraduates have an opportunity to spend one semester abroad.

Corporate Culture

Home base value of IMBIP is capacity building of students as the main source of the prosperity of Russia, including constructive and equitable international cooperation. This setting is embodied in all the programs of IMBIP.

And also: 

The training program includes training in IMBIP customs authorities, government agencies, major Russian companies and abroad.

Tuition fees:


Tuition Fee

Length/Entrance Exams

38.05.02 Customs

  155000,00* rub/year

5 years

 Foreign langugage, Russian language, Social Studies


Tuition fee 135000 rub/year for the following:

The tuition fee includes: